Road Cycling Holiday to Liguria 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Our Road Cycling Holiday in Liguria

Our Location

Chiavari is a lively and authentic small Italian coastal town with about 30 000 inhabitants. It has a longstanding commercial tradition, which started with farmers and local traders coming here to sell their goods. This has also led to food being a major commodity in Chiavari, as reflected in both the many daily markets selling fresh produce and its plethora of top restaurants. The evening meal is an central aspect of our holiday, and Lukas our holiday organizer has a second home here. For this reason, we forego the half board hotel option, to take advantage of his insider knowledge to discover the best restaurants and pizzerias that Chiavari has to offer!

Our Hotel

Established hotel which constantly seeks to improve its service. The Monte Rosa has something new to discover every year, and is the only hotel in the town to have been awarded a 4-star rating in 2015. It boasts a swimming pool, superior generous breakfast buffet, a secure underground car park where we can store our bikes safely and a daily laundry service, a hotel that understands a cyclist’s needs!  Just a few minutes walk from the centre of town, where we can enjoy true Italian hospitality in the piazzas of Chiavari.

Impressions of Our Hotel



Our 3 Tour Groups

We ride in three groups organized according to speed and ability. Each group is led by an experienced guide. Participants should have some experience of riding in a group.

The Sportivo group usually rides the longest tour at the fastest pace. This group takes fewer breaks and offers opportunities to take part in some friendly races in addition to appreciating the scenery. This group climbs between 850 and 1000 vertical meters an hour.

The Turismo group also rides the long tour or an appropriately shortened “medium” distance.
This group usually rides at a medium pace and climbs between 650 and 850 vertical meters an hour.

The Rilassato group takes things more easily. The group rides at a pace that is achievable for everyone and takes more frequent breaks. A lunch stop at a restaurant is a feature rather than an exception. This group climbs between 500 and 650 vertical meters an hour.

Make sure you find the right group for you. Our cycling holidays are a group holiday and not a competition. Everyone rides at their own pace when climbing and descending and we wait until the group is back together. Otherwise, we ride side-by-side if traffic allows or single file. The guide usually brings up the rear when climbing or ascending. Since the guide has the necessary spares and first aid supplies, this means they are never far away should their services be required. If you feel unwell or exhausted during a tour, let our guides know and we will find the right solution for you.

Our Tours and Schedule

We ride tours that are appropriate to the season involved. You also have the option of booking additional nights at the start and end of the holiday as required.
Typical planning:
Saturday, Arrival day, Short local ride (Start at 2pm)
Sunday, Monday: Full-day tour, Start at 9am, Return between 4 and 5pm
Tuesday: Rest day, relaxed half-day tour
Wednesday – Friday: Full-day tours featuring our longest tours (Return at 6pm)
Saturday: Departure day

We modify this schedule as appropriate according to the respective weather conditions.

Full-day tours:
Season opener: 80 – 120km / 1800 – 2500 vertical meters

Form fine tuning: 100 – 150km / 2000 – 3000 vertical meters
Season closer: 100 – 180km / 2000 – 3500 vertical meters